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Mistful Park is a new subdivision located on the corner of Marys Mount and Crookwell Road in Goulburn NSW.

The estate comprises 212 beautiful house blocks boasting unsurpassed views across Goulburn city and beautiful rural outlooks to the north-west. 


Located only 4 kilometres from the CBD, yet close to great schools, the hospital with the Mistful Park neighbourhood shops under construction.

Block sizes suit all types of house plans, and range from 700 to 3700 sq metres, with generous width frontages and minimal slopes.

There are 5 stages set for release. Stage 1, 2 and 5 are sold out. Stage 3 is selling now with a range of house and land packages fully finished ready to move into now. 

Your new home is ready and waiting for you now, completely finished with floor coverings, kitchen appliances, central heating (some with cooling also), blinds, driveway and landscaping. Both four and three bedroom home available. 

Or select your own block at Mistful Park, a range of sizes and prices available, full registered and ready to build. 

Contact Ganter Constructions today on 0418 482390 to discuss securing your new home. 

Hogg Place, Mistful Park, Goulburn


Corner of Crookwell Road and Marys Mount Road
Goulburn NSW       0248217712

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